Bill Maher Finally Makes The Logical Comparison Between Donald Trump And Andrew Dice Clay

It took all this time, but Bill Maher finally made the obvious connection between Donald Trump and ace comedian Andrew Dice Clay. There’s Andrew and then there’s Dice, you see, and that’s all similar to the way Donald Trump’s political team is attempting to paint their candidate. There’s the Donald and there’s Donald Trump. There’s the guy who wants to build a wall and then there’s the guy who wants to build a wall, but also thinks Mexico is full of alleged rapists.

The most honest thing they point out during this Maher interview is that he could very honestly be president. As Van Jones puts it, he’s unfavorable with 70% of African Americans and that means there is roughly 30% out there that will vote for Trump. It’s a scary thought for anybody that isn’t a Donald Trump fan, which is likely most of the Republican party at this point.

During New Rules, Maher set his sights on social justice warriors once again and painted them as just as bad as those hefty racists out there. While the SJW term instantly puts the segment into question, there are plenty of common sense points that work here. The outrage you see online usually is just for show, even if he lifts that whole Seinfeld and Martin thing from American Crime Story. And the race issue likely isn’t a big complaint for a lot of detractors for Lena Dunham and Girls.

Elsewhere we got a nice chat about climate change and fracking, which seems to show that the divide between the political parties is still pretty far despite the strides that have been made in recent years. Fracking and nuclear energy seem to be just as bad as using coal and burning fossil fuels, but would the other choices be possible? It says a lot that Maher ends the segment while the debate still rages on. There’s also some interesting junk in the overtime section this week, including a bit about Prince and his untimely death.

(via Real Time)