‘BMF’ To Blowin’ Money Fast: Never Promise More Than You Can Perform In Season 2, Episode 9

(WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s BMF episode will be found below.)

Each week for the ‘BMF’ To Blowin’ Money Fast series, we’ll recap the episode by looking at a few key things to see how they hurt Meech and Terry’s money-making goals and overall well-being. Each item will be marked as a profit or a loss, the former keeping them in the black and the latter pushing them into the red. Throughout the season, something that was once unprofitable could turn profitable, and vice versa, but we’ll have to wait and see what that might be.

Meech and Terry’s desired rise in the drug game continues as season two of BMF is just a week away from ending. Episode eight of the season, “Push It To The Limit,” sought to establish a new process as their new batch of 300 kilos of cocaine required that. They received the drugs from the Colombians after Meech and Terry were successfully able to strike a deal with them in the episode prior. Meech and Terry laid some new foundation to move this product, but it doesn’t come without disruption from Lamar.

In this week’s episode, “High Treason,” Meech and Terry bring the PA Boys and the rest of BMF on a trip to Atlanta. The trip is mainly business-focused, but the respective crews make sure to have some fun while they’re out there. BMF’s main reason for going to Atlanta is to set up shop in the city, as they did in Cleveland, to move product and make money. Meech and Terry hope to use their connects in the city, Goldie and Ty, to make things happen, and while they’re successful in doing so, things go left to cause some serious damage. Meech and Terry also go back and forth on what to do with B-Mickie now that they know he snitched on them. Back in Detroit, Charles and Lucille’s marriage is at its breaking point, and after another discovery, it only gets worse for the Flenorys.



Regardless of the business that Meech was able to successfully get done during his time in Atlanta, his hand was indirectly involved in a pair of extremely tragic endings. First, we have Monique’s death which came after Lamar caught on to her attempt to kill him and quickly figured out that it was a plan she hatched together with Meech. This realization from Lamar led to him choking Monique to death, a discovery that will probably make Meech angrier than we’ve ever seen him. Secondly, following a night at Magic City with Ty, BMF, and the PA Boys, a shootout occurs and Ty is shot and killed in the crossfire. Just like that, a second promise from Meech is broken as he’s unable to bring Ty back home safely to his wife. We’ve seen Meech’s decisions and actions affect others, but it hasn’t been to this level.



It’s good to see Lucille standing up for herself. When she heads out to dinner with Pastor Swift, she dismisses Charles’ question of when she’ll return him with a slightly rude, yet well-deserved response to him. Later on, she learns that Charles cheated on her with Mabel and she threatens her friend and tells her off while almost hitting her with a skillet. We should note that Charles did not escape the mess unscathed as Lucille eventually took her anger out on Charles’ guitar. For all the stress that Charles put her through during this season, it’s good to see that Lucille isn’t just wallowing in sadness. She’s standing up for herself and letting it be known that there isn’t a simple fix to this. Charles broke his promise and he’ll have to pay the consequences for that.



While Meech had his only errors and mistakes in this week’s episode, Terry did as well. With B-Mickie’s return to BMF and Terry’s discovery that B-Mickie was working with Detective Bryant, Terry is set on having B-Mickie killed. Shockingly enough, Meech doesn’t want to kill B-Mickie and it’s something that Terry cannot wrap his head around. Had it been anyone else, Terry knows for a fact that they would have already been taken care of. However, Meech values family, so it makes sense that B-Mickie was forgiven and welcomed back. Nonetheless, Terry convinces Meech to have B-Mickie killed in Atlanta. Unfortunately for them, their plan is unsuccessful thanks to the expected shootout at Magic City. B-Mickie catches on and corners Terry by holding a gun to his head. All in all, it was a failed attempt from Terry to eliminate B-Mickie and now the two will just have to figure out how to work together.

Detectives Bryant & Jin


While BMF and the PA Boys are off in Atlanta making moves and having a blast at Magic City and Freaknik, Detectives Bryant and Jin are still hard at work trying to get enough evidence to corner and arrest Meech and Terry. Bryant and Jin sleeping together isn’t a good thing for them either as, for the time being, it means that their chemistry is higher than its ever been. As if that’s not bad enough, Meech and Terry learn that Boom was arrested and that could lead to bad things if Bryant and Jin can talk to him. With pictures of Terry sleeping with Markeisha in his possession, Terry was almost positive that Boom would give up all the information he knew about BMF and that’s exactly what Boom did. BMF is divided at the moment but not Detectives Bryant and Jin. They’re working together more than ever and that will lead to bad things if BMF doesn’t get it together.



To conclude this week’s recap, it’s only right that we give another shoutout to Mo’Nique’s character, Goldie. It’s the first time that we see her since the fifth episode of the season when Meech and Terry first met her during their first trip to Atlanta. When the BMF boys return, Goldie is nothing but welcoming, warm, charismatic, and sarcastic — all the things that make her character enjoyable. Meech and Terry ask to wash money throw her club, and while she denies their request, she does agree to help them set up shop elsewhere. It was enjoyable to watch Goldie school B-Mickie on his slick comment about her strip club. It was wholesome to see how much she cared for her sister who is battling AIDS. It appears that season two of BMF will end with BMF back in Detroit, so if that proves to be the case, the hope is that Goldie makes a lot more appearances in BMF for the show’s third season.

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