Bob Odenkirk Responds To ‘Better Call Saul’ Reddit Fan Theories On ‘The Late Late Show’


Season four of Better Call Saul kicks off in a little over a month, so the cast and showrunners have begun their heavy promotional efforts. We’ve gotten a glimpse of the new season in the season four trailer; we’ve learned that season four will begin to overlap a lot more with Breaking Bad and that Jimmy McGill will transform into into into Saul Goodman “soon,” and that a Breaking Bad character that was spoken of but never seen, Lalo, will become a “major character” next season. We also learned that Vince Gilligan “desperately” wants Walt White and Jesse Pinkman to make an appearance in Saul.

Meanwhile, Saul Goodman himself, Bob Odenkirk, is also out promoting Incredibles 2, and on last night’s The Late Late Show with James Corden, Odenkirk took a minute backstage to react to a few Reddit theories about Better Call Saul. The first and third theories were silly, and Odenkirk didn’t give much thought to them. However, Odenkirk didn’t outright dismiss the second theory, which speculates that Jesse Pinkman meets up with Jimmy McGill’s other alter-ego, Gene, in Omaha after the events of Breaking Bad and convinces Gene to pull off one last heist together.

Watch here.

Better Call Saul returns on August 6th.