‘Succession’ Star Brian Cox Now Says He Took The Gig Hosting The New James Bond Reality Show By Mistake

Last month, Brian Cox surprised Succession fans by revealing that his follow-up to the critically-acclaimed series is a James Bond reality show. Seemingly out of nowhere, the actor appeared in the 007: Road to a Million trailer where he’ll play The Controller, the show’s game-master who tasks the contestants with a series of Bond-esque tasks to complete for the chance to win a million pounds.

When asked by Variety why he would do a reality show after locking down an Emmy nomination for his role as Logan Roy in Succession, Cox couldn’t help but give a blunt response as he so often does. “They paid me an enormous amount of money. And that’s always very attractive,” Cox said.

However, the actor has since changed his tune. While appearing on The Tonight Show, Cox told Jimmy Fallon that the whole thing was a mix-up. He mistakenly thought the reality TV role was for a new Bond movie and jumped at the chance to meet with legendary Bond producer Barbara Broccoli.

“For years, I thought, you know, I would love to be in James Bond,” Cox told Fallon via Decider. “It would be really interesting. And I thought, ‘This is my moment,’ but it wasn’t.'”

Despite learning that he would not be the next Bond villain, Cox stuck around and still had fun on the reality series. “You know, I love bossing people around,” he joked to Fallon.

007: Road to a Million starts streaming November 10 on Amazon Prime Video.

(Via Decider)