‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Has Officially Been Revived By NBC


After all the heartbreak among TV fans as networks clear the decks for their upfronts later this month, no show cancellation hurt its fans more than Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Fans were hoping for a revival, even though Hulu passed on it, and it appears they got their wish: NBC has picked up the cop comedy for a sixth season.

USA Today has the details, which dropped at midnight on Friday, revealing that the series will have a shorter order, 13 episodes instead of 22, and it likely won’t be coming back to screens until 2019. Needless to say, star Andy Samberg, producer Michael Schur, and other familiar folks are thrilled.

In some ways, this isn’t a surprise. Universal Television produces the show, and is a sister company to NBC, which also has two shows from Nine-Nine honcho Michael Schur, Abby’s and The Good Place. It makes sense for Universal to keep the show, which saw a near universal outpouring of support on social media, around for at least one more season. And it reinforces NBC’s comedy brand, something the network probably wanted after letting go of the critically popular but sadly little-seen Great News. Nine-Nine will air on Fox through its season finale on May 20th. As for what’s replacing it, well, it appears that FOX will be betting on Tim Allen.

Needless to say, people are reacting to this news…

(via USA Today)