Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Post-Trump Incarnation Of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Gets A Premiere Date

The post-Trump era of Celebrity Apprentice now has a premiere date, and it’s one that may come with the added quirk of airing with The Donald sitting as president-elect.

(Note for time-travellers: Do not try to explain this scenario to anyone from the past. No one will believe you and you’ll probably cause 50-2000 aneurysms just trying to get people to wrap their mind around “Trump runs for prez, former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is the new host of a celebrity business game show.” Act responsibly with this information.)

Entertainment Weekly has revealed that January 2 is when the Schwarzenegger-centered update on the popular reality series will debut. The changes go beyond just a host switch, mind you. Unlike the Trump days, Celebrity Apprentice will now be operating out of Los Angeles rather than New York City. Boy George, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, and Laila Ali are among the announced celebrity cast members who will be doing assorted business-based/business-adjacent things in the name of charity and reality TV glory. Advisors for the show include Warren Buffett, Tyra Banks, and Jessica Alba. Will corporate synergy also be in the cards? Probably!

Let’s move on to the more pressing issue of “what’s Arnold’s catchphrase gonna be?” The action icon will not be borrowing Trump’s “you’re fired,” but it hasn’t been revealed what Schwarzenegger’s send-off line will be. According to a report from The Wrap, the much-anticipated new line hasn’t been crowned just yet.

“We’ve shot multiple endings to ‘The Celebrity Apprentice,’” new NBC Entertainment Alternative and Reality Group president Paul Telegdy told TheWrap on Wednesday. “And I can tell you that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Burnett, and I don’t even know which catchphrase is going to be put into the end of the first show yet.”

Telegdy also teased that you’ll be seeing an update on how they send off the losing contestants with the stretch limo gone with something new in its place. “It may involve rotating blades,” shared the NBC exec. Hmm… It seems really impractical to make a car out of razo– Oh! He’s suggesting a helicopter (or “chopper”) isn’t he? Either way, we’re intrigued.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)