Chet Hanks Didn’t Fare Too Well On ‘Ziwe’ When Asked If He Regretted His Cultural Appropriation

Chet Hanks, son of Tom (which remains confusing), is famous for his “White Boy Summer” rants lately, along with his status as a label-signed rapper of sorts. He’s also coming off an incredibly strange (and unflattering, of course) appearance on Atlanta‘s third season (while affecting a Trinidadian accent), and apparently, Chet’s now promoting his private-training app. (Burpees with Chet Haze? No thank you.)

That’s the reason provided to Entertainment Tonight for why Chet appeared on Ziwe, where he could not possibly have done well in any relevant context when grilled by host and former Desus & Mero writer Ziwe Fumudoh. And in the below clip, the interview went as awkwardly as expected when Ziwe asked Chet (who’s notorious for his racial slurs) if he felt any need to “apologize to any marginalized communities.”

Spoiler Alert: He did not feel that need (“nah”).

“I don’t feel like I’ve truly done anything offensive, so I don’t.” Chet nodded when asked if he sees his actions as “a celebration of culture” and believes that “social justice warriors can kick rocks.” In response, he simply declared, “Yeah, yeah…. yeah!… No, I 100% agree. Social justice warriors can kick rocks.”

Ziwe airs at 11:00 pm EST on Sundays. The Chet episode should be a doozy.