Dominic Fike Was Almost Fired From ‘Euphoria’ Because He Was ‘So F*cked Up’ On Drugs During Scenes

Now that The Idol has reached its ignominious end, attention is likely to return to its co-creator Sam Levinson’s other controversial show, Euphoria, which has also received its fair share of negative press lately. While many of the reports about troublesome behind-the-scenes behavior have revolved around the treatment of its female stars, it looks like their male counterparts weren’t exempt from scrutiny.

In an interview with Zane Lowe, singer-songwriter Dominic Fike, who plays Elliot on Euphoria, said he was nearly fired from the show for his drug use. “I was so f**ked up during a lot of that show,” he said. “I was reprimanded for it. I almost, you know, got kicked off the show.”

He even admitted that Levinson — himself no stranger to substance abuse issues — got him a “sober coach,” but that it didn’t work as planned. “Sam [Levinson], the director and writer, got me a sober coach, somebody to be there all the time,” Fike said. “It did not work.”

Fike released his second album, Sunburn, today after releasing the singles “Ant Pile” and “Mama’s Boy.” The album only contains one feature: The rock band Weezer. Fike also made a splash with his contribution to the Across The Spider-Verse Soundtrack, “Mona Lisa.”

You can watch Dominic Fike’s interview with Zane Lowe above.