Everything Coming To And Leaving Netflix In April, Including ‘Lost In Space’ And ‘Shawshank Redemption’


It can be tough to keep up with everything getting added to and slashed from Netflix, even on a week-to-week basis. March saw the arrival of some new seasons of gems like Jessica Jones and Love, while Archer entered the Danger Zone and left the Netflix library. April is no exception, as a bevy of new and original movies and series — including Sin City and Netflix’s reboot of Lost In Space — will join the ranks to fill the gaps of many removed films, such as the classic Shawshank Redemption.


The first season of Netflix’s Lost In Space (available 4/13)

Netflix announced its reboot of the familiar ’60s series on the heels of its Fuller House success way back in 2016, and made its imminent arrival official with a trailer earlier this month. After the critical thrashing that Netflix’s Cloverfield Paradox took, audiences could be looking at any of the service’s science fiction content skeptically. But with Parker Posey as the new Dr. Smith, it should be at least worth a look — assuming the show includes a worried robot with flailing arms.

The Netflix premiere of 6 Balloons (available 4/6)

Don’t let its stars fool you: 6 Balloons does not seem like a fun, comedic watch. Debuting at SXSW, the tense drama focuses on a woman (Broad City‘s Abbi Jacobson), her heroin-addicted brother (Dave Franco), his two-year-old daughter and their quest to secure a place in a detox center. With a new Netflix film debuting every few days, many tend to get lost in the shuffle, but with a few solid critical reviews already, this one seems worth bumming us out on a day we might be a little too happy.