Finn Wolfhard Confirms, Yes, He Guessed The Plot For The ‘Stranger Things’ Spinoff, And No, He’s Not Telling Anybody

In the lead-up to the explosive release of Stranger Things‘ highly anticipated fourth season, The Duffer Brothers revealed that Finn Wolfhard, by sheer luck, guessed the plot of the spinoff series that they’re kept tightly under wraps. While they obviously didn’t elaborate on Wolfhard’s lucky guess because, again, tight wraps, the Stranger Things star stopped by The Tonight Show this week where he confirmed to Jimmy Fallon that, yes, he freaked out the Duffers with his clearly psychic abilities. (What now, Eleven?)

“We were on set filming Stranger Things 4 and we were all talking about if there’s going to be—like joking, ‘oh they’re all going to have us back in 20 years and we’re all going to [be] fat and old,’ that kind of thing,” Wolfhard told Fallon before revealing he went in a different and remarkably accurate direction that ended with the young actor being sworn to secrecy.

Via Gizmodo:

“And then I was like, ‘But if you guys are actually going to do a spin-off, it should be this.’ And then I said it and the Duffers looked at each other and looked at me and they were like, ‘Could we talk to you for a second?’ And then they pulled me off and they were like, ‘That is the idea. Who told you?’ and I was like, ‘No one,’ and they were like ‘What do you mean? You just came up with it?’ and I was like, ‘Well, no, I just thought that that would be a cool way to expand.’ It was really funny and they were like ‘Okay, well… don’t tell anyone.’”

Clearly, someone needs to sit Finn Wolfhard and make him guess the plot of upcoming TV shows. Like, for example, will Baby Yoda get his own jetpack in Season 3 of The Mandalorian? You know, the important stuff.

(Via Gizmodo)