Every ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoiler You (Might) Want To Know Before Season Six

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03.08.16 2 Comments

(Spoilers for GoT.)

Faster than a speeding winter, Game of Thrones season six is almost upon us. We just got the official trailer earlier today, but what can you really glean from a GoT trailer? They’re usually only slightly more vague than a “Next Week On Mad Men” tease. Yes, we see FrankenMountain, the Night’s King, and a very old-looking Bran, but that just doesn’t satisfy our thirst for spoilers. Those are the “officially released” tidbits, after all, and those can only get us so far.

Thankfully, there has been a ton of other news about the upcoming season released through less-than-official means. The biggest debate since the season five finale has been “Is Jon Snow alive?” The promo and the beginning of the trailer even toyed with us on that, And while everyone except for Hodor has said he’s as dead as can be, we know better. Kit Harington confirmed shooting scenes (while being dead, of course), and there’s that leaked image of Snow in Stark colors. Snow is clearly going to be back, and those colors point toward him being a player in the mounting battle for the north.

We also know that the Hound is gonna be back, and we have Ian McShane to thank for that spoiler. In a couple different interviews, the new cast member revealed that his character will be bringing back a fan favorite who has been dead. Unless he’s sewing Ned’s head back on or seating Ser Pounce on the Iron Chair, that really leaves Snow or the Hound. Oh yeah, and he literally said it was the Hound. We also know we’ll be seeing a few more faces of the dead, including Ned and Shae, presumably in Bran’s visions.

Sophie Turner let her own spoiler fly on the Oscars red carpet, saying that Sansa doesn’t die for the entirety of the season. That was to be guessed, of course, as her character still has a long trailer of Bolton blood to leave, but thanks nonetheless, Sophie!

Daenerys’ fate was up in the air as of the end of last season, and more leaked images from season six show her horse-bound and doing all right for herself. The trailer seemed to show her at Vaes Dothrak in rags, but you just can’t keep a scorned Khaleesi down.

The lovable, scruffy assassin Arya has had her fair share of leaked season six images as well. While her arc isn’t quite as known yet, we know she’s continuing her training, blind or otherwise, and might be helping in taking down an important Greyjoy.

Oh yeah, those rascally Greyjoys will be entering the fold next season as well. They’ve been largely missing for a couple of seasons, but leaked footage and casting news ensures that Euron et al. will be making their enemies pay the iron price soon enough.

Keep the spoilers coming, people. Let’s hope that by April 24, we don’t even need to watch the season!

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