A Sweaty TJ Miller Cosplays As The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Iron Throne Much To Conan’s Delight

San Diego Comic-Con is officially in the books. From Thor: Ragnarok to Ready Player One, we got, as expected, a massive amount of new trailers and fun tidbits of information that will keep the hype train rolling through the summer and well into fall. The best part? By the time the Comic-Con dust settled, it was time for Game of Thrones. That’s why it’s so appropriate that Conan and a sweaty TJ Miller, who is likely still on his contractually obligated half-decade marketing campaign for the Emoji Movie, closed out the show with Miller as the Iron Throne. Respect.

While we were watching Arya make a painful, bittersweet and brief reunion, TJ Miller was squeezing into an oddly-formed suitchair of swords. While we were wondering what was happening… down there… with Grey Worm and Missandei, Conan was probably looking on as Miller freed himself with deep gasps of air from a costume that really shouldn’t exist in this mortal world.

Yes, TJ Miller was sweating more than, as he said, a caterer at the Red Wedding, but this was his own doing. He decided to get into that stinky suit like a proper fool that would make Joffrey proud.