The First Photos From The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Are Here, Complete With A Town Meeting

After months of news, more news and lots of updates about whether or not Melissa McCarthy would reprise the role of Sookie, the first photos from the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix have finally arrived. While explicit plot details were provided with the release on Monday,  more die-hard fans of the original series will notice a few nuggets about how the lives of the Stars Hollow residents have changed in nine years — or not.

Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) Gilmore take center stage, as the witty mother-daughter team feature in four of the photos provided by Netflix. Not only is the pair still staying in, eating Chinese takeout, and roaming around the busy town square, but they’ve also moved on with their lives.

For example, Rory has returned home from college to become an English teacher.

While Lorelai and Luke (Scott Patterson) are still living in Stars Hollow, and still in a relationship.

Another notable return is that of Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop), the family matriarch-turned-widow following the real-life passing of actor Edward Herrmann, who played her husband Richard.

Many of the supporting characters, like Babette (Sally Struthers), have also returned to help fill the quirky ranks of Stars Hollow.

This new set of photos includes probably the best part of the new images released by Netflix — our first official look at the sleepy Connecticut town’s favorite pastime, the town meeting. What’s more, the shot above seems to indicate that Lorelai and Luke aren’t happy about something that’s been said, which will most likely lead to one of the best things about Gilmore Girls — angry town meetings.

Netflix hasn’t released an official premiere date for the Gilmore Girls revival, but early indications suggest that the four 90-minute episodes will stream sometime before Christmas 2016.