‘The Grinder’ Has Been Cancelled Because Nothing Is Fair

In an afternoon that has been compared to nothing short of “The Red Wedding” from Game of Thrones, ABC and FOX swept through their schedules like a grim reaper with a particularly busy to-do list. Across the board, a plethora of shows went on to the big set top box in the sky including Agent Carter, Galavant, guilty pleasure Nashville, Castleand The MuppetsAmong the casualties was the much-loved but little-watched Rob Lowe vehicle The Grinder, which was cut from FOX’s schedule with all the ruthlessness of a mean judge having a bad day.

With Fred Savage and Rob Lowe in the starring roles as brothers who view the law from very different perspectives, the show was nearly universally acclaimed by critics and the fans who did get around to watching. Unfortunately, a show generally needs more than the population of a small town in Ohio watching it to get a second season. Despite the good vibes fans were feeling when the show got a full 22-episode order in the fall, FOX’s faith in the The Grinder‘s ability to grow didn’t pan out and it is no more. The one good thing is knowing that Rob Lowe now has more time than ever to falsely report on the retirements of major sports personalities.

(Via Twitter)