‘Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters’ Is Officially Coming Back For Season 2 (And Getting A Whole Lot Of Spinoffs)

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters wrapped up its first season in January as the time-spanning series explored the past, present, and future of the mysterious organization that’s been lurking in the background of the Monsterverse films starting all the way back in 2014’s Godzilla.

Starring father and son Kurt Russell and Wyatt Russell, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters was a hit with Godzilla fans as it explored the aftermath of the King of Monster’s attack on San Francisco in the first film starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Well, those fans just got some good news. Apple TV+ has confirmed that Monarch is coming back for a season 2. Not only that, but the Monsterverse will be getting even bigger thanks to “multiple spinoff series” set in the world of battling titans.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters has left an indelible imprint on the hearts, minds and imaginations of audiences around the world, led by the brilliance of Chris, Matt, Kurt, Wyatt and the incredibly gifted talented cast and creative team,” Morgan Wandell, head of international development for Apple TV+, said in a statement. “We couldn’t be more excited for viewers to not only have the chance to experience even more thrills in season two, but to embark on epic, new journeys in the franchise, as we expand Legendary’s Monsterverse.”

The news arrive just as the latest Monsterverse film, Godzilla x King Kong: The New Empire, stomped into theaters following a wave of positive reactions.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 1 is available to stream on Apple TV+.