‘The View’ Panel Descended Into Fits Of Laughter When Jameela Jamil Cracked Some Raunchy, Fart-Filled Jokes

She-Hulk star Jameela Jamil had the ladies of The View dying with laughter during an off-the-wall interview. Jamil was on hand to promote her new podcast, Bad Dates, and she kicked things off by giving the daytime TV audience a boner-themed preview at what to expect.

“I am what you would call a serial erection killer,” Jamil quipped as The View hosts tried to contain their laughter. “I’d have my own Netflix documentary series about all the erections I’ve murdered.”

The topic didn’t get any less scandalous as Jamil broke down what it’s like to date her, which she offered co-host Sara Haines a chance to try. “I’m asking you out, officially, on television,” Jamil said before things got really raunchy.

Via Entertainment Weekly:

She went on to admit that she waits “three months before I kiss or have sex with someone, so it’s like The Hunger Games trying to get into my pants. It’s ridiculous.”

“I just don’t want to see your balls until I’m ready,” Jamil said, which prompted Haines to hang her head in her hands while moderator Whoopi Goldberg smirked to the audience.

“I’m looking at our executive producer, who looks like he’s about to die,” Sunny Hostin said as the audience laughed.

But Jamil was still going. She then dished her most important piece of dating advice, which was especially poignant given the several flatulence-based “scandals” on The View over the years.

“My only dating advice is never, ever — I’ve learned this from the podcast — never, ever trust a fart,” Jamil instructed the audience. “Don’t do it… It’s not your friend. You think it’s your friend. It’s not.… It’s your enemy. It becomes something else sometimes, and we just don’t need to get into it because this is morning television. Don’t make me say it.”

It’s amazing that Whoopi managed to steer the conversation back to safer waters after Jamil’s fart advice, but she pulled it off until Jamil dropped an F-bomb later in the show. Like we said, it was quite the interview.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)