Watch Jerry Seinfeld Coldly Rebuff Kesha’s Multiple Attempts To Give Him A Hug

Entertainment Editor
06.06.17 12 Comments

It’s well-known that Jerry Seinfeld’s eccentricities are a lot like his character on Seinfeld, but we rarely get to see them play out in real time, spontaneously and instinctively, like a nature video. Actually witnessing Seinfeld execute his polite-yet-somewhat-afraid avoidance tactics are like watching Steph Curry drain a three-pointer on a hapless defender — it’s just too easy. He’s the second-best (after Larry David), and that’s impossible to argue after seeing Jerry Seinfeld masterfully deflect Kesha’s advances at a recent charity event.

The short video plays out like it’s going to be featured on the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It begins with Seinfeld’s riffing on a bit about not being able to sleep when you’re tired, then Kesha bounces in, asking for a hug with arms outstretched, only to get shut down. Kesha says “please” then tries to negotiate for a “little one” but Seinfeld quickly shuffles out of reach, both revolted and somewhat polite. He’s probably done this a million times before.

The situation ups the Seinfeld quotient exponentially as Jerry says “I don’t even know who that is,” then learns that his hug-thirsty personal space infiltrator was “Kesha,” to which he replies: “Okay, well, I wish her the best.” It’s 22 seconds of the purest Seinfeld in the history of Seinfeld.

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