Jerry Seinfeld Has His Regrets About The ‘Seinfeld’ Finale: ‘I Sometimes Think We Really Shouldn’t Have Even Done It’

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Plenty of people will tell you that the original Seinfeld finale was a disappointment and an odd way to end the series that many consider the greatest of all time. Plenty of series ended on high notes, like MASH or Cheers, but Seinfeld kinda flew too close to the sun with its conclusion and it just felt odd. The faux Curb Your Enthusiasm reunion made up for it a bit and even made a few jokes at the expense of the finale, but the official end of the series is still kinda disappointing.

And now we know — though it doesn’t feel like much of a revelation — that Jerry Seinfeld feels the same way. While chatting with David Remnick at the New Yorker Festival on Friday, Seinfeld talked about the end of the series that made him a household name and how he thinks it aimed too high according to Vulture:

“I sometimes think we really shouldn’t have even done it…There was a lot of pressure on us at that time to do one big last show, but big is always bad in comedy.”

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