John Stamos Is Working On A Cable Drama Centered Around The Fame And Excess Of ’80s Soap Operas

Actor/yogurt advocate John Stamos is getting reacquainted with daytime soaps. No, he’s not home sick from work or returning to General Hospital. America’s favorite Rush Hour Renegade has a new cable project on the go.

Deadline reports that the Fuller House star is teaming with producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron for a cable drama focused on the highs, lows and general gauziness of the ’80s daytime soap operas. The program is inspired by Stamos’ work on General Hospital early in his career and is being positioned as “Boogie Nights in the soap world.” Adjust your genital prosthetic portfolio accordingly.

Currently without a title, the ’80s-oriented series will place a spotlight on “the journey of a young man thrust into soap stardom, during a decade defined by Reaganomics, greed, excess, indulgence and materialism.” Did we mention that this teen idol still works at his dad’s restaurant as fame, sex, and intoxicants mill about in his world? Well, it does.

This new drama should keep all three of the main players busy whenever (or if) it tumbles out. In the meantime, Stamos has the second seasons of Fuller House and his new Fox home Scream Queens in the on deck circle, while Zadan and Meron are once again producing NBC’s annual musical presentation. Speaking of which, Hairspray Live! is set to arrive on December 7.

(Via Deadline)