‘The Boys’ Star Karl Urban’s Reaction To Elon Musk’s New Verification Rules Would Make Billy Butcher Proud

On The Boys, the rough-and-tumble Billy Butcher has no patience for power-hungry displays (of machismo or otherwise). And it seems exceedingly unlikely that Butcher would ever stomach ponying up some cash for a Twitter verification checkmark. As it turns out, Karl Urban feels the same way, and even though he’s not expressing himself in a profane way like his TV alter ego would do (or how Urban himself recently addressed a toxic troll), the actor is drawing a line.

Those Supe powers come in handy, as it turns out, and Karl is warning the world that he shall use his powers for good, and he hopes that — should his checkmark be picked up by someone evil who does pay for a checkmark — people won’t fall for those shenanigans.

“Hey y’all , I’ll loose the blue tick on Saturday,” Urban tweeted. “I’m opposed to spending money on social media . I’ll go checkless . Please be careful of Imposters & money soliciting scams . I will never ask you for money on any social media platform . Cheers.”

Karl Urban on Twitter
Via Karl Urban on Twitter

The last time that Musk attempted a verification crackdown, a huge debacle resulted in Eli Lilly’s stock dropping due to an imposter tweet (about the price of insulin), which ended up creating one fine mess for a lot of people.

Presumably, Musk’s decision to charge users (and companies, who will pay much more than $8-11 for individuals to keep their checkmarks) for verification is part of cleaning up the financial mess embodied by Twitter, especially after an advertiser exodus. Whether that plan will work or launch a rash of repeat messes remains to be seen, but Karl Urban ain’t into it.