Lauren Cohan’s Character Will Not Die In Season 9 Of ‘The Walking Dead’

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07.25.18 4 Comments


For most of 2018, much of the talk concerning The Walking Dead surrounded the status of Lauren Cohan on the show. Beginning as early as February, there was talk about Cohan asking for a bigger contract, one that would match that of her co-stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. In March, Scott Gimple — still the showrunner on The Walking Dead at the time — was concerned that she would not return. However, two weeks later, he was confident that she would come back for a ninth season of the series.

When contract talks didn’t go perhaps as hoped, Cohan made herself available for other shows, and some networks began competing for her services until she ultimately landed a gig with ABC on an action drama with Scott Foley, Whiskey Cavalier. While it seemed like that would be the end of Maggie on The Walking Dead, Cohan eventually announced that she would be back, and we subsequently learned that she’d signed on for six episodes in season 9.

Soon after that, however, news broke that series lead Andrew Lincoln was leaving the series and Cohan’s status on the show became something of an afterthought in the deluge of The Walking Dead stories about the status of Rick Grimes. Would Cohan’s six-episode stint in season 9 be the end of Maggie? Or would she make a return later on?

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