The Biggest Questions We Hope The ‘Loki’ Series Finale Answers

While Marvel Studios expanding over to television might have caught some of us off guard when they first announced the venture a few years back, 2021 has proven they can craft a show just like the best of them — just see their Emmy noms. It’s hard to believe the studio is already wrapping up their third Disney+ series, and even harder to imagine this is the last time we’ll be seeing Loki, Sylvie, and Mobius for some time. However, before they go, we have a whole list of questions we hope the show’s final episode will clear up for us.

1. Who is running the Time Variance Authority?

Ahh the rope that binds us (and the multiverses) together: the TVA. Perhaps the biggest question we have for the series is who is at the center of this ‘whodunnit’ of epic proportions. Last week, we found out the timekeepers were nothing more than animatronics, leading us to wonder if they ever were real and they’ve been taken over, or if something else entirely is behind the organization’s creation. Based on how Ravonna has been acting all season, it seems likely that she could have something to do with it — unless her act is less an act and more blind loyalty and denial. However, regardless of who started it, right now it’s more a matter of who’s running it — which brings us to our next question.

2. Is there really a “sacred” timeline?

So, if the TVA is run by Ravonna or some other self-interested party, is there even a sacred timeline or is it the sequence of events someone prefers? Out of every question on this list, this one could be the most important of all. If there is no prime or “sacred” timeline, does that mean all of what the TVA does is even more unethical than it seems? Are there are infinite multiverses where Marvel heroes undergo different situations and achieve different outcomes, and if so… do we get to see them? This could open up a lot of possibilities for Marvel and have massive consequences for the Avengers and co.

3. What was Sylvie’s Nexus event?

When Sylvie confronted Ravonna about her cruelty towards her as a child and demanded to know why she was taken from her home and timeline, Ravonna coolly replied she didn’t remember, but if you ask us that seems pretty dang unlikely. While Ravonna refused to offer reasoning as to why Sylvie had to undergo such a traumatic ordeal for seemingly no reason, we know there are no random happenings in the MCU and there has to be more to the story. Could it be that the TVA foresaw her causing their downfall? There has to be some dramatic reveal here, and we can’t wait to see what it is.

4. Is Sylvie Lady Loki, Enchantress, or both?

For the past few episodes, Loki has seemingly dismissed any notion that Sylvie is anything other than a Loki variant, despite a lot of fans believing she was actually Enchantress at the show’s start. However, we’re not entirely convinced this theory is dead. A lot about Sylvie lines up with descriptions of Enchantress in the comics and just because Marvel’s being coy doesn’t mean it’s not true. It could also be that Marvel is combining the two characters into one, offering fans the best of both worlds while keeping us theorists on our toes.

5. What is going on in Alioth’s enchantment?

When we last left Loki and Sylvie, the pair had just successfully enchanted the monstrous being Alioth and were beginning their descent into its mind. In the brief glimpse shown during episode five, we saw what appeared to be a palace on a cliff overlooking the void where time ends and while we have our own theories on who resides there, we can’t wait to get some real answers. Is it a truly diabolical Loki, or is Kang the conqueror is making his MCU debut way ahead of schedule? Whatever Loki and Sylvie discover, it’s pretty likely to have a massive impact on the future of the MCU and phase four.

6. Are Loki and Sylvie going to happen?

Okay okay, so this one doesn’t make or break the show and universe (or does it?), but it’s the question we’ve been waiting to have answered for quite a few episodes now. After a life on the run and filled with trauma and isolation, both Loki and Sylvie absolutely deserve a bit of company and affection, but what are the moral and metaphysical consequences for such an odd pairing? More importantly, could these two even make a functional relationship work? While they certainly deserve a happy ending, we’ll just have to wait and see if they finally get one.

The series finale of Loki hits Disney+ Wednesday, July 14.