For Some Reason, ‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Dragged Lori Grimes During This Week’s Episode

03.19.19 3 months ago


Lori Grimes has not been a regular character on The Walking Dead since she died during the fourth episode of the third season, or 106 episodes ago, or 2,318 days ago. That is six years and four months ago in real time, or long enough that most fans should have mostly forgotten about her by now. But the memories of The Walking Dead fans are long. Dead or alive, fans of the series do not forget. However, while fans had numerous issues with Lori Grimes — previously, the most hated character on The Walking Dead — no one will begrudge the sacrifice she made for her daughter. She literally died to give life to Judith Grimes — and the casting department really did do a nice job of casting Cailey Fleming as Judith this season, who bears a striking resemblance to Sarah Wayne Callies.

Judith’s new mom, Michonne, hasn’t taken that Lori’s sacrifice for granted, either. During this week’s episode, Michonne literally beheaded and slaughtered a group of children in order to ensure the continued safety of Judith and, years later, chased her down and eradicated a small herd of zombies to save Judith, even though Judith is neither her biological child or the biological child of Michonne’s romantic partner, Rick Grimes. Previous to that, Carol shot Lizzie in the back of the head because Lizzie was a danger to the life of Judith. Lori and Shane’s progeny is the golden child of the series.

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