Netflix Hints That A ‘Black Mirror’ Movie Will Arrive Before 2018 Ends


Netflix’s getting crafty with their reveals these days, as well as cleverly playing with show descriptions that create a lot of social media buzz. As a recent example of this, the streaming service may have purposely teased an end-date for their licensing of Friends, only to apparently re-up the show’s contract hours later. Well, Netflix has been teasing the heck out of Black Mirror fans with clues about the reported choose-your-own-adventure episode, which was later followed by fan speculation regarding title, subject matter, and release date. There’s more madness to be had, according to the following screenshots.

Fans of the mind-bending anthology series should be delighted to witness what Netflix is appearing to reveal now, via its search capabilities. Merely typing in “Black Mirror” reveals a mystery box that suggests a mystery standalone entity on the way soon:


And if one goes further and searches for “Bandersnatch” — one of the rumored (and previously unconfirmed) episode titles that’s been floating around lately — then here’s what happens:


Yep, it appears that the first Black Mirror movie is coming with Bandersnatch being the title and “Be Right Back” (which fans will recall as the title of a Season 2 episode) being the cheeky episode description. This “easter egg” of sorts was first unearthed in a Reddit forum. Further speculation within the forum suggests that December 28 will be the release date for either this movie or a fifth season, and that the film will run 90 minutes in length.

Is any of this real? Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed any of this yet (and given the Friends expiration-date switcheroo, we can’t reliably count on screenshots as program-related confirmation). And when it comes to Black Mirror, reality is a tough business, but one detail so far is solid — Miley Cyrus will feature in an episode soon. As for the confirmation on anything else? They’ll be right back.