Paula Deen Has Whipped Up A New TV Show Following Her Scandal

Confirmed butter enthusiast and alleged racism enthusiast Paula Deen is hoping you’ll remember the former and forget the latter when her brand new TV show makes its debut this month.

Extra reports that Deen will be launching her new syndicated cooking/lifestyle program Positively Paula in 40 markets starting on October 15. The program, which ideally will feature absolutely no makeup ideas, has been teased with a short 30 second video confirming that there will be fried food on this particular syndicated television offering.

Positively Paula will feature viewers being invited into the Savannah kitchen of Deen to hang out with assorted folks (like Tom Berenger) and learn some of her favorite recipes. It doesn’t like too much of a thematic detour from Deen’s Food Network series Paula’s Best Dishes and it sees Deen back on TV somewhere that isn’t Evine or Dancing with the Stars.

“I am so excited to invite my friends from around the country into my home kitchen each week,” said Deen on her new project. “We are going to have an incredible time cooking up a storm and sharing the most special memories.”

Could this be Paula Deen’s TV cooking rebirth or are viewers and sponsors going to pass on this new offering? Lay out your forecast in the comments.

(Via Extra)