‘Rap Sh!t’: All The Funny, Wholesome, Good, And Bad Sh!t From Season 2, Episode 1

(WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s Rap Sh!t episode will be found below.)

Weekly episodes of Issa Rae’s ‘Rap Sh!t’ are filled with funny sh!t, wholesome sh!t, good sh!t, and some bad sh!t — all in just 30 minutes. After each episode, we’ll recap the episode and highlight each of these moments for you which you can check out below.

Rap Sh!t is back for season two and we’re reconnecting with the girls ahead of their first-ever tour. In episode one, Shawna and Mia are days away from hitting the road as an opening act for Lord AK, but there are a few loose ends they need to tie up first.

Shawna is a person of interest in a fraud investigation that’s connected to the hotel she worked at (remember her “flee” from the officers in the season one finale?). On the flip side, Mia has to make sure someone can watch her daughter Melissa when she’s on tour, and while she initially thought it’d be her friend, she’s left to ask Lamont to watch Melissa for a couple of weeks after her friend is unable to commit to the full month.

The episode also gave a new glimpse into the relationships in Shawna and Mia’s lives. We see that Shawna’s family resents her over her rap career, something that gets worse when she informs them of the fraud investigation. There is also the possibility that there’s something in the air with Shawna and Francois, but that’s unlikely as Shawna and Maurice are still going strong. On the flip side, Mia and Lamont get back on good terms, but it’s strictly platonic for the time being. Elsewhere, tensions are still high between Mia and her mother following her mother’s interaction with Melissa in season one.

Back to the main point of this week’s episode: tour! Shawna & Mia’s excitement for tour is thwarted a bit when they learn that they can only perform one song in their opening slot for Lord AK and it can’t be “Seduce & Scheme,” their biggest song. They’re also told that it’s unlikely that they’ll be paid for the tour. Nonetheless, Shawna & Mia, against Duke’s advice, decide to join the tour in what could be the biggest moment of their career thus far.

Wholesome Sh!t


'Rap Shit' 201 Mia Lamont

Lamont and Mia have always had a rocky relationship, even after the birth of Melissa. Despite this, the two seemed to get things together to close season one. Unfortunately, as Mia’s own rap career started to elevate, it seemed to be too late too late for Lamont in the romance department. She would eventually cut things off with Lamont in favor of a potential new romance with a rapper named Cash to close season one.

Now, in the first episode of season two, it seems like things between Cash and Mia didn’t pan out well. That hasn’t stopped Lamont from initially having ill feelings towards Mia after their breakup, but he also hasn’t let it interrupt the relationship he has with Melissa. In the season two opener, we see multiple instances of Lamont stepping up and doing things out of love for Melissa and Mia. He’s there to watch her for the two weeks that Mia needs while she’s on tour. Later on, he gives Mia a going-away gift for her tour and even when she tries to make a romantic move on him, Lamont turns it down while promising to still be by her side in her time of need. Altogether, Lamont’s growth is clear and it’s a wholesome thing to see.

Funny Sh!t

Shawna, Mia & Reina

'Rap Shit' 201 Mia Reina Shawna

This week’s episode kicks off with Shawna and Mia meeting up with Reina as well as Francois and Duke to shoot the video for the “Tongue” remix. Shawna, Mia, and Reina are in a pink-lit kitchen with a bunch of baking utensils and they’re tasked with being sexy while making use of the baking items. Mia and Reina have no issue with the task, but Shawna can’t seem to get the hang of it. Instead, what we get are awkward moments of Shawna struggling to seductively stir a pot and “drop it low.” Maybe not good for the video, but it’s funny enough for us viewers.

Good Sh!t

Shawna & Mia

'Rap Shit' 201 Shawna & Mia

It’s time for tour! Shawna & Mia are just days away from hitting the road for their first-ever tour as a supporting act for Lord AK. The duo hit a bit of an obstacle when Francois informed them that not only would they only be able to perform one song during their opening slot, there was also no guarantee that they would be paid for their performances. It was frustrating news for Shawna & Mia, and though Duke advised that they attempt to force Francois’ hand to give them more, Shawna & Mia decided against it as they viewed this tour as another growing pain on their path toward stardom. So just like that, Shawna & Mia signed on to the tour to make their music dreams come true.

Bad Sh!t

Shawna & Maurice

'Rap Shit' 107 Maurice & Shawna

If you remember at the end of the season one finale, it appeared that Shawna was apprehended by police officers. With season two, we know that she was not arrested, but just questioned by authorities through an ongoing fraud investigation that’s connected to the hotel where Shawna and Maurice worked. As we know, Shawna and Maurice had an operation that involved using the credit card information of people staying at the hotel to make purchases for themselves and others. It appears that the law has caught up with them, but Shawna promises Maurice that she did give any information about him or their operation to the police.

Despite this, Stanley, Maurice’s friend who was in on the operation, isn’t so convinced. The episode concludes with Stanley informing Maurice of his meeting with the police that’s set for the next morning. Stanley warns Maurice that he will not hesitate to throw Shawna under the bus if he has to. Though he tries to hide it, Maurice is worried and it doesn’t seem like things are looking too good for him and Shawna.

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