Rob Lowe Parodies His Sex Tape Scandal In The Latest Promo For His Comedy Central Roast

Living in the limelight creates for some uncomfortable circumstances for a lot of celebrities. Years in the public eye, trying to seem affable and put together can wear thin, and we’ve seen our share of celebrities embroiled in scandals or public meltdowns. While Rob Lowe has settled into a more comfortable role in the public eye currently, things haven’t always been smooth-sailing for the attractive, spiky-haired Lowe. In the late ’80s, the name Rob Lowe became synonymous with the words “sex tape,” and yeah, he may have turned things around, but he hasn’t forgotten about it.

What better time to relive that horrific incident than in the lead-up to his Comedy Central roast that has already drawn some serious attention? The latest promo for Rob Lowe’s Comedy Central roast takes a clever potshot at his somewhat-forgotten sex tape scandal by having him recreate the ill-advised tape, but this time with a saxophone. You see, it’s his “sax tape,” clever, right?

Filmed in the same style, with Lowe in the same light, in a similar room with a similar haircut, Lowe finds himself in a familiar situation, thrusting his hips in the direction of the bed, only for him to swivel around and unveil the world’s sexiest instrument, the saxophone, is the object of his gyrating affections.

(Via ETOnline)