Robert De Niro And Ben Stiller Crashed ‘SNL’s’ Cold Open With Pee Tapes And Lie Detector Tests

At this point, Donald Trump and his team in the White House are just making things easy for Saturday Night Live. The show’s cold open had plenty of material to work with this week. There was the Stormy Daniels bribe, James Comey’s tell-all, and the raid of Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen’s offices by Special Counselor Robert Mueller. Of course, with so much going on, SNL decided to go big when it came to guest stars this week, recruiting a couple of Fockers to help play two of the biggest names in the news right now.

That’s right, Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller reunited on SNL and honestly, it was everything.

Stiller popped up first, playing the embattled and bumbling Cohen who, let’s be honest, is a dead man walking at this point. Obviously, Jeff Sessions (the always-funny Kate McKinnon) and Mike Pence (Beck Bennet) are planning for Cohen to be the fall-guy in this Russia investigation, so Stiller was put in the hot seat by De Niro who played a strong-jawed, rough-edged Mueller in a hilarious nod to Meet The Parents.

Pee tapes, abortion payoffs, collusion, and some pretty insulting code names for that most fragile of flowers, Trump, all came up as Stiller’s Cohen took a lie detector test. But honestly, the most disturbing part of this whole sketch was the visual of Cohen milking Mueller’s nipples. You have to watch to truly understand the horror.

(Via SNL)