Roseanne Barr And John Goodman Rode The ‘Roseanne’ Couch To ‘Kimmel’ To Talk About The Revival

Roseanne Barr and John Goodman’s chat with Jimmy Kimmel ahead of the return of Roseanne for its revival on March 27th did not disappoint. It was full of fun for fans of the series, including an appearance by the couch from the show — though not the real couch since it is still at the Smithsonian full of butt smell — and some behind-the-scenes stories about the famous faces in the writers’ room. But there was also a little bit of the real Roseanne tossed in, like some discussion about her presidential runs, her comments about the president and others during the election, and where she stands on late-night hosts taking shots at Trump left and right. She keeps asking Kimmel if she’s going to get in trouble, but in the end, she really doesn’t say anything too wild for television outside of the few swear words.

For once, the part of the interview about Trump might be the most interesting thing from the show. Goodman and Roseanne discuss how her character voted for the current president in the show, allowing some interesting dynamics we’ve all likely experienced in some way to get representation on TV. And while Roseanne isn’t without controversy or questionable political opinions away from this interview, she doesn’t fall in with the typical narrative you hear from Donald Trump’s defenders in the media. There’s no MAGA talk unless it’s truly about wanting America to be great and succeed no matter who is in the White House.

Some other interesting tidbits include the pair almost spoiling how the show handles Goodman’s return from the grave on the show, explaining how the idea of the revival came about in the first place, and what happened during one of the numerous times Roseanne quit the original series. The first time happened before the show even made it to television apparently.

There’s also a funny explanation for how Roseanne made the writers on the show wear numbers one time, a long-running urban legend that she claims was actually a joke about how they would only laugh at their own jokes. The numbers were apparently a way to call out the jokes easier at the table read. She also talks a bit about some of the names involved in the room, like Whitney Cummings and Norm Macdonald.

Of course, there’s also talk about weed, Roseanne’s own brand of cookies, and her favorite bra store in Canada. All of the hot-button issues you’ve been wanting to know!

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)