Roseanne Got A Call From President Trump Praising Her Show’s ‘Huge’ Revival Ratings


We can now likely add another network and television program to President Trump’s watchlist during the week. According to a New York Times report, the president reached out to Roseanne Barr following the massive return of Roseanne on Tuesday night to congratulate her on “huge” ratings and her vocal support of him to this point. The classic sitcom returned with 18.2 million viewers tuning in to see where the Conner family has ended up after all these years, reportedly already earning a second season with a larger episode order.

Much was made of Roseanne Barr’s decision to make her TV character reflect her own vocal Trump support, though its actual impact on the ratings is up in the air considering this revival has been touted for over a year. No matter, only the Trump support will matter for one viewer in particular:

Mr. Trump called Ms. Barr to congratulate her on the revival of her comedy, “Roseanne,” and to thank her for her support.

The call was confirmed by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary.

The president, an obsessive about how TV shows perform, was enthralled by the “huge” ratings “Roseanne” had received, said a person familiar with the call.

The true test of the revived Roseanne will come with the episodes that air over the next few weeks. If the show can keep the massive ratings, it will definitely be worth looking into what the show is doing and who it is hitting with. Plenty of folks are already happy and it’s doubtful they’ll need anything else to claim it as a victory.

(Via New York Times / Variety)