‘The Simpsons’ Kicks Off Season 28 With An Amazing ‘Adventure Time’ Couch Gag

Time and time again, The Simpsons has proven that if anything can still be fresh and wonderful after 27 seasons, it’s the opening couch gag. Classic Disney movies, ‘80s action, Rick and Morty (arguably the best couch gag ever), pixel art, Frozen, the game of Life, Letterman – the list of awesome couch gags goes on and on and on, and it picks back up with the above couch gag that pays tribute to the beloved Adult Swim animated series, Adventure Time. So, if you’re only tuning in these days for the couch gags, Fox is saving you some time. (And if you long for the golden seasons, the just turn on FXX or just wear your loosest sweatpants and settle in for the Thanksgiving marathon.)

However, if you still love watching Homer strangle Bart and whatever else the lunatics of Springfield are up to, the season 28 premiere will feature special guest Amy Schumer in a delightful and very elderly role: Mr. Burns’ mom. Even better, the story of “Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus” will finally reveal why C. Montgomery Burns is such a dick.

“We said a good character for our plot would be that she’s Burns’ mother in the past and kind of the source of this unhappiness that he has that’s haunted him to the present,” explained Al Jean, the executive producer for the series, during a press conference call. (Via the HuffPo)

The 28th season of The Simpsons kicks off on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET.