Chadwick Boseman Sings Jazzy Putdowns Of Restaurant Service In This Supremely Silly ‘SNL’ Sketch

Is a critique of restaurant service something that demands a jazzy musical number? Not really, but that doesn’t stop Chadwick Boseman and his dining companions in this remarkably silly offering from last night’s edition of Saturday Night Live.

Tucked into an episode featuring Black Panther visiting Black Jeopardy and Cardi B’s big reveal is this loopy offering where Boseman and his fellow musically inclined diners (Kenan Thompson, Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon) insist on crooning their issues with the service at their chosen restaurant. The quartet are also gussied up in ridiculous fashion for bonus style points. Don’t let their cheery nature fool you, though. They want to address a problem with the staff.

“She sat us all the way to the back of the place,” sings Strong as the group takes issue with the hostess Angela.

“She rolled her eyes and she had a frown on her face,” notes McKinnon.

“She refused to give us a seat!” adds Thompson.

“Til’ our party of four was complete,” continues Boseman.

It’s not exactly a labyrinthian collection of jokes and twists, but it is a lot of people you like singing out complaints with peppy abandon in breathtaking wigs. Sometimes that’s more than enough.