‘SNL’ Appeared To Shade Andrew Tate With A ‘Male Confidence Seminar’ Thwarted By Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan began his SNL hosting stint by dragging himself (and his “first public breakup”), but he moved onto dragging other dudes in the evening’s “male confidence seminar” sketch. Yes, the specific dude target of this sketch is never mentioned by name, but it sure appears that the sketch is targeting misogynistic moron Andrew Tate, who recently made headlines for making an idiot of himself all over the Internet.

Shade was the name of the game here, and Tate is known for this variety of, uh, pep talk all over social media. He also unwisely attempted to impress Greta Thunberg with all of his gas-guzzling vehicles. She, in turn, made a “smalldickenergy” energy joke, which not only floored him but may have helped to get him arrested. So, this sketch gleefully takes aim at Tate and men’s rights “experts” like him, and it’s safe to say that the writing isn’t SNL top shelf, but perhaps that’s intentional, given the subject matter. Andrew Tate sure doesn’t deserve the intellectual treatment.

About a million forehead jokes (“Forehead Jackson” and “You got a Jimmy Neutron head, bro”) abound (poor Andrew Dismukes), which may or may not be a shot at Tate’s bald-shaven head. Scarves and rings are similarly skewered, and Jordan is having a good time here. That’s what matters most on SNL, and he delivered a solid evening of entertainment — quite the accomplishment after Aubrey Plaza proved to be a tough act to follow.