Ryan Gosling And Cecily Strong Have Their Reality Shattered By Pizza Hut’s Pasta On ‘SNL’

As you may have noticed from Ryan Gosling’s mid-laugh mug being all over this gorgeous website, Saturday Night Live‘s season 43 premiere had a healthy stockpile of worthwhile moments nestled inside. One segment that hasn’t gotten enough love was the delightfully berserk Italian restaurant sketch that had Ryan Gosling and Cecily Strong feeling the sting of marketing betrayal.

Gosling and Strong are a couple starring in one of those commercials where diners eating something from a “fancy” restaurant discover that they’re actually (GASP!) feasting on something from a less upscale place. In this case, Gosling and Strong are in love with the pasta they ate at “Terrezano’s,” but when Mikey Day’s MC of pasta commercial festivities reveals they’ve been eating Pizza Hut pasta all along it becomes a reality shattering experience for the betrayed diners. It’s funny, Gosling does his best to hold in laughs between bursts of threatening to beat people to death and Strong is hysterical over the idea that Terrezano’s is a lie. As always, Mikey Day does an underrated job of being the ultimate straight man in the face of increasing chaos.

SNL continues its new season with the combo of Wonder Woman megastar Gal Gadot and UK Grammy magnet Sam Smith on October 7.