Some ‘Stranger Things’ Fans Are Convinced That Jeffrey Dahmer Was In Season 4 (He Wasn’t)

Despite (or possibly because of) the backlash, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is the biggest thing on Netflix. A whopping 196.2 million people watched the Ryan Murphy-created series, about the serial killer who murdered seventeen people, in its first week of release, the streaming service’s biggest audience since Stranger Things returned for season four. Some fans think there’s a connection between the two shows.

Fox News reports that “fans of Stranger Things started a TikTok conspiracy that late serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is in the background of one of the scenes from the show’s fourth season.” The clip is taken from an episode early in the season, showing Max getting off a school bus while a nerdy-looking guy with glasses and blonde hairs walks around her. This poor extra, like wholesome Joe Pera, is being compared to a cannibal.

The comments section is filled with people commenting “OMG,” with one writing, “it was a reference I’m almost sure.” There were some commenters, however, who were quick to point out it wasn’t possible and that the guy they see on screen looks like any other teenager from the 1980s, with one saying everyone else in the comments section were reaching.

Here’s the TikTok in question:

Stranger Things season four takes place in 1986, when Dahmer was in his mid-20s. Also, he didn’t live in Indiana. Also, Stranger Things isn’t real. Also, even Dahmer, monster that he was, would not have worn those terrible shorts. Otherwise, sure, maybe it’s him.

(Via Fox News)