‘Stranger Things’ Has Broken A Streaming Record Previously Set By ‘Ozark’ And ‘Tiger King’

Volume two of Stranger Things season four was released today, but volume one of Stranger Things season four (not at all confusing!) is still breaking records. The Netflix series “amassed 7.2 billion minutes of viewing time for the week of May 30 – June 5, according to Nielsen — the highest weekly total for any streaming title since the advent of weekly rankings almost two years ago,” the Hollywood Reporter reports.

Stranger Things is the first show ever to reach seven billion minutes via Nielsen’s data. In fact, no show had even hit six billion minutes; only Tiger King (twice — 2020 was wild) and Ozark topped five billion minutes, an incomprehensible amount of minutes. The Hollywood Reporter adds: “It also has the biggest two-week tally for any streaming show: In the week of May 23 – 29, when season four of Stranger Things premiered, it had 5.14 billion minutes of viewing for a two-week total of 12.34 billion minutes.”

Stranger Things season four is, needless to say, the most-watched English language series in Netflix history. It has a chance at becoming the top series, period, but it’ll take a lot of rewatches of the mega-long finale for it to reach Squid Game. But if Stranger Things can turn a nearly 40-year-old song into a chart-topping hit, anything’s possible.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)