It Sounds Like ‘Succession’s Brian Cox Is Nearly As Intimidating To Work With As Logan Roy, According To Several Co-Stars

As family patriarch Logan Roy, esteemed Scottish actor Brian Cox was a terrifying and imposing presence on Succession. Everyone feared him from his children to the President of the United States, and apparently, that was the case in real life.

Fresh off her Emmy win for her Season 4 performance as Shiv Roy, Sarah Snook opened up about working with Cox, who could be just as intimidating as his character thanks to his well-documented “hangry” moments and to keep his co-workers on their toes.

Via Deadline:

Speaking to Mariella Frostrup on Times Radio, Snook laughed: “He has a habit of sometimes going into a false — or could it be real, who knows? — diabetic rage, where he’ll go [growl] all of a sudden.

“I think part of it’s a little of trying to just jolt the energy of the set and rustle a few feathers, get it going and moving faster. The quality of his voice can be very terrifying sometimes, for sure. Thunderous.”

Justine Lupe, who played Willa on the critically acclaimed series, also spoke of Cox’s ability to dominate the set, but noted that he was it mostly theatrical bluster and he’s actually very sweet.

“Brian has moments of being incredibly intimidating on and off camera,” Lupe told Times Radio last year. “He’s got a power to him as a person and I think he knows that about himself. That being said, he’s also one of the more kind people that I’ve interacted with on set … He was always so supportive and sweet.”

(Via Deadline)