‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9 Teaser Suggests A Brewing Civil War

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07.19.18 2 Comments


Through eight seasons of The Walking Dead, there have been a number of outside threats to the characters that make up the main cast of the series: There’s been The Governor, Gareth, The Wolves, and most notably, Negan and the Saviors. Season 9 of The Walking Dead, featuring new showrunner Angela Kang, appears to go in a completely different direction. This is not about threats from the outside. It’s about threats from within. In 25 seconds, the teaser lays out the what will be driving force in the forthcoming season: A brewing Civil War between two allied communities, Alexandria and The Kingdom.


From the looks of it, Alexandria has moved out into tents while they rebuild their community, and based on Michonne’s harsh words with Maggie, The Kingdom presents a major threat, while Negan seems as though he’s playing the wild card. Also, Jerry has got a girlfriend. #Priorities

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