‘The Daily Show’ Pointed Out That Tucker Carlson Has Been Sounding An Awful Lot Like White Supremacist Mass Shooters

Since Donald Trump’s exit from the White House, Tucker Carlson has become the bête noire for the left, and for good reason: He’s not only doubled down on his attacks on immigrants, but he’s also badly pretended to not know what QAnon is, actually defended the failed but deadly MAGA coup, and regularly downplayed white supremacy. (That said, even he wasn’t buying Matt Gaetz’s BS.) Speaking of which, he’s once again under fire for using his show to parrot a white supremacist theory known as “white replacement.” That caused the Anti-Defamation League to call for his ouster, and it inspired The Daily Show to make a video accusing him of “plagiarism.”

Who is Tucker alleged to have plagiarized? White supremacist mass shooters, of course. According to The Guardian, more than half of “alt-right killers” — including the perpetrators of the mass shootings in El Paso and Christchurch, both in 2019 — said they were motivated by the theory of “white replacement,” which claims white people are being “replaced” by minorities.

And there Tucker Carlson was on Thursday, floating those very ideas on the most watched program on Fox News. But, as the Daily Show video shows, it was far from the first time. He’s pitched this theory time and time again. Even though the video was made by a show aired on Comedy Central, there were no jokes — just a grim montage of a commentator with one of the world’s largest platforms filling his viewers’ heads with the same idea that has motivated homegrown terrorists. And yet it was still funnier than Greg Gutfeld’s new late night comedy show.