It Appears Former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Has Weighed In On The Great Waffle House Fight Of 2022

You probably spent the last week or so eating a stale gingerbread house with your family, so it’s understandable if you are unaware of the Great Waffle House Fight Of 2022. To summarize, on one fateful Christmas night, all hell broke loose at a Waffle House in Georgia. This seems to happen a lot. It was then filmed and took the internet by storm because it’s Waffle House, duh.

Many people found themselves identifying with various players in this thrilling saga–the guy who says “I just want my waffles” is the true MVP. But the main event of the video was the physics-defying move in which a woman punched a chair going full force at her face out of the way. Lives were changed, waffles were never the same, and of course, it took off on Twitter, where it was seen by Wonder Woman herself (not that one) who applauded the young woman and her reflective tactics.

Lynda Carter, the original Diana Prince, joined in on the fun by claiming that she trained at Waffle House when prepping to become the famous superhero. Where else could you learn to nonchalantly swat a chair out of the way using just a hand while managing to maintain statue-like composure? It’s gotta be because of all of those cheese grits and biscuits (keep in mind this kind of training does NOT happen at IHOP).

Obviously, she is having a great time on Twitter anyway!