Rick’s Blood Beard Is Back! 10 Questions We Need Answered After This Week’s ‘The Walking Dead’

02.29.16 3 years ago 45 Comments

In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Knots Untie,” we get a glimpse of the “civilized” world outside of Alexandria for the first time in a long while, as Jesus leads Rick and a select few others to the Hilltop Colony, where Gregory leads as the Governor-lite. Things initially seem well in this other community — they have food and housing — but this is The Walking Dead, where nothing is as it appears.

Here are a few questions we have after a great table-setting episode of The Walking Dead.

1. Is Sasha Dead?

No, but there was some understandable confusion over the way the first two sequences were edited, from Abraham talking to Sasha during the middle of the day to Abraham dreaming/thinking about Sasha while he was sleeping with Rosita. WHAT DO YOU MEAN, PEACE OUT?

2. What is going on with Abraham and Sasha, then?

Abraham is clearly smitten with Sasha dating back to their time together leading zombies away from Alexandria. However, we were also reminded that Rosita is still in the picture, though the relationship between Abraham and Rosita had not been mentioned in a long time on the series. Rosita is clearly still smitten with Abraham, while Abraham seemed torn between his affections for Rosita and Sasha right up until his near-death experience when he had an epiphany. Like the guy Abraham nearly choked to death, Abraham also had a vision and I have a hunch his vision was of Sasha and their baby together. The fact that the necklace Rosita made him broke off his neck clearly suggests a symbolic shift. This is not going to end well for someone.

Also, sometimes The Walking Dead is much more of a soap opera than advertised.

3. Will there be any fallout from the Rick and Michonne romance?

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