‘Watchmen’ Is Unveiling More About How That Big, Blue Twist Happened With A Peteypedia File

(WARNING: Massive Watchmen spoilers will be found below, so get outta here if you haven’t watched!)

This week’s Watchmen threw an enormous curveball at its audience by revealing that Doctor Manhattan hasn’t really been hanging out on Mars all this time. For several years, in fact, he’s been hiding out in Tulsa as Cal Abar, portrayed by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who previously told us (quite cleverly) that he and Angela had been “keeping up appearances, so to speak.” In retrospect, Abdul-Mateen is quite a trickster.

Well, the next upcoming episode, “A God Walks Into Abar,” will undoubtedly follow up on the shocking moments when Angela beat the hell out of her husband’s head with a hammer and pulled out a shiny disc. (Cal then shone blue as Doctor Manhattan, the immortal god who’s the only superpowered being of the entire TV series.) In the meantime, HBO is dropping hints about Cal’s “accident” that Angela revealed never happened. However, they did visit an emergency room together some years ago, and the PeteyPedia site — authored by Agent Dale Petey, the FBI underling of Laurie Blake and possible Lube Man — published the resulting medical file, including this excerpt:

“Patient was found by Officer Abar on 12/19 wandering Bom Laird Plaza in confused state with “minor contusion” on forehead (no longer visible) suggesting an accident of some nature. (Area has high rate of vehicular/bicycle collisions.) Patient initially refused officer Abar’s request to seek medical treatment. Officer Abar reports she conducted a background check and obtained some medical history and biographical data from previous employer, Pyramid Global Construction. Patient finally agreed to consult a physician when memory issues failed to improve. Patient – new to Vietnam (arrived a month ago for work); unemployed since April – presents with several acute symptoms associated with dissociative fugue. No recall. Identity loss. Language issues. (Officer Abar did most of talking).”

Just FYI, Cal’s version of Doctor Manhattan is definitely circumcised (Laurie Blake will approve of this, for accuracy’s sake), from the looks of Abdul-Mateen’s Instagramming of the file for all to see. Good to know!

HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ airs on Sunday nights at 9pm EST.

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