‘Westworld’ Adds A ‘Master Of None’ Star For Its Upcoming Third Season


Aside from Breaking Bad alum Aaron Paul’s casting last September, there is been little news about HBO’s forthcoming third season of Westworld. The confusing-yet-popular show‘s next installment is due until sometime in 2020, but that doesn’t mean that co-showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy aren’t hard at work pulling it all together. Sure enough, over the weekend it was reported by Variety that none other than Lena Waithe, the Master of None star who created Showtime’s The Chi, has joined the cast.

According to Variety‘s report, next to nothing is known about who (or what) Waithe might be playing in Westworld‘s next season. And considering the Game of Thrones and Marvel Cinematic Universe-levels of secrecy that Nolan, Joy and HBO have gone to, audiences and critics probably won’t know a thing about Waithe’s character until the new season premieres next year. (After all, not even the show’s current stars truly know what’s going on.) Even so, it’s great to hear that the actress is involved.

Besides, she’ll be joining a cast that includes the likes of Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Thandie Newton, James Marsden and Tessa Thompson. Toss in Paul and you’ve got the making of a spectacular (yet still supremely odd and cerebral) third season of what started as a show about killer robot cowboys turning on their human guests.

(Via Variety)