Sunny Hostin Has Outed Whoopi Goldberg As ‘The View’s Phantom Fart Dropper

Sunny Hostin stopped by Watch What Happens Live on Thursday night where The View co-host finally revealed who’s behind the mysterious fart sounds that have plagued the daytime talk show over the years. While chatting with Andy Cohen and fielding questions about her co-workers, Hostin was asked who “passes gas the most on set.” Unlike her other answers, Hostin didn’t even hesitate to the throw the main culprit under the bus.

Whoopi!” Hostin immediately said. Despite outing her as the phantom farter, Hostin had nothing but nice things to say about Goldberg during the interview.

Via Entertainment Weekly:

Hostin then revealed that, among the group, she hates mornings the most, and that Oscar-winning moderator Whoopi Goldberg is the most generous gift-giver as well as the one she disagrees with the most — but she is also the likeliest to pick up a check when the women go out to dinner.

Cohen also asked Hostin about former co-host Meghan McCain, who’s gone on to frequently trash her old workplace, which she recently claimed “keeps getting worse.”

“Our show is a wonderful place,” Hostin said via The Daily Beast before admitting she’s surprised by McCain’s attacks because “Meg and I have always been friendly.” Hostin then suggested Cohen should cast McCain on The Real Housewives of the Potomac before putting a curt end to the topic.

“I wish her well,” Hostin said. “God bless.”

(Via Entertainment Weekly)