Who Will Host The 2023 Golden Globes Awards?

You might not remember watching the Golden Globes last year, but there’s a good reason for that: They weren’t aired on television. Instead, the awards show was effectively blacklisted over years of unbecoming behavior, including by NBC, the network that has long aired them. They promised to shape up, and after an off-year that unfolded over social media instead of TV, they have. Now things are going back to normal with a telecast scheduled for January 10. But which famous person did they get to host?

The answer is Jerrod Carmichael, the celebrated comic who this year won an Emmy for his special Rathaniel, in which he also came out as gay. (He’s since revealed he uses a photo of himself and Taylor Swift as his Grindr profile pic. Wouldn’t you?)

Carmichael will follow the last hosts to lord over the Globes, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who emceed the 2021 edition, when the pandemic was still in full swing and vaccines had just started to be jabbed into arms. It was an unusual year, with each host holing up on either coast rather than share the same stage. The year before that was Ricky Gervais’ (probable) last time hosting the show that he made atypically bitchy.

The Golden Globes are set to unspool on Tuesday, January 10 starting at 8pm. The nominations were announced earlier this week.