Jared Padalecki Would Consider Joining His ‘Supernatural’ Co-Star Jensen Ackles On ‘The Boys,’ Even If It Means Getting Naked

With Jensen Ackles already appearing on The Boys with a fan-favorite performance as Soldier Boy and Jeffrey Dean Morgan set to make his presence felt in season 4, the big question is when will the final Winchester boy please show up. Turns out, The Boys and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke has already been asking Jared Padalecki exactly that.

While promoting the new season of Walker, Padalecki revealed that Kripke has been trying to get him on the hit Amazon series. However, Padalecki has some very understandable concerns before agreeing to a role that will no doubt involve lots of nudity.

Via Collider:

“And my response to him 90% of the time is, ‘Dude, I’m 41 now with three kids. I’m not 25 and working out three hours a day. I know you’re going to f*cking make me get naked, so give me a heads-up. I’m in, but let me get a nutritionist and a trainer and get in the hyperbaric chamber for eight months before you make me show up.’ But yeah, it would obviously be a lot of fun to see Kripke again and to work on that show, which is a great show that I’m a fan of.”

On top of getting in shape for The Boys and its well-known penchant for raunchy scenes, Padalecki has one last concern: Making sure his family doesn’t see him naked and doing whatever the heck he’d be doing on the show.

“My mom and dad are still alive,” Padalecki quipped. “I’ve got grandparents that are alive. I don’t know how to just unplug their electricity when the show airs.”

The Boys season 4 premieres on June 13 on Amazon Prime Video.

(Via Collider)