The Academy’s Formal Review Of Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock Could ‘Take A Few Weeks’

As promised, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has launched a formal review of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars shortly after the comedian made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith. The incident has caused a significant amount of concern due to it overshadowing the other nominees — because one of the biggest movie stars in the world smacked a man on live TV and in front of hundreds of in-the-room eyewitnesses. On top of that, he was allowed to stay and give a speech, later after winning Best Actor. It was all very surreal.

To assuage concerns, the Academy sent a letter to members on Tuesday, which took a strong stance against Smith’s actions tarnishing the Oscars ceremony. The letter also confirmed a formal review is in process, but it’s gonna take a minute. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

To be clear, we condemn Mr. Smith’s actions that transpired Sunday night. As outlined in our bylaws, the Academy’s Board of Governors will now make a determination on appropriate action for Mr. Smith. As governed by California law regarding members of nonprofit organizations like the Academy, and set forth in our Standards of Conduct, this must follow an official process that will take a few weeks.

The letter also asks members to “respect your Board, Academy staff and the process,” which no doubt stems from the internal rift over how The Slap was handled. While some members feel the matter is best left to Smith and Rock to resolve personally (which, according to Diddy, they have), others have voiced their opinion that Smith should’ve been escorted out of the building immediately.

“Someone else should have accepted his award,” Academy branch member Rutanya Alda told THR. “Why did he get a pass?”

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)