The 2018 Emmys Inspired Some Funny Tweets

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The 70th Primetime Emmy Awards aired Monday night (full winner’s list here), which led to plenty of memorable moments, like when they finally solved the diversity problem. It also inspired plenty of Twitter jokes when people on Twitter weren’t occupied with complaining about how many shows got robbed (Atlanta, The Good Place, Handmaid’s Tale, The Americans, etc).

Tiffany Haddish and Angela Bassett shared the stage at one blessed point, which led to jokes, some of them about Haddish’s colorful dress (which she wore because it’s based on the Eritrean flag).

And perhaps the most commented-upon moment was director Glenn Weiss’ on-stage marriage proposal:

The inimitable Betty White received a standing ovation, and Twitter users were excited, too:

Speaking of party animal Betty White, people wished other party animals on the red carpet would speak frankly:

Game of Thrones took home an absurd bounty of awards:

Which led to a moment tailor made for jokes:

Other memorable moments were also immortalized with GIFs:

And, yes, that was Donald Glover [or maybe not] (and, yes, Atlanta got robbed).

Jokes were made about the appearance of other celebrities:

Others were happy to see certain celebrities:

While certain celebrities were happy to not see themselves during the In Memoriam:

Meanwhile, people celebrated Bill Hader and John Mulaney’s wins in different ways:

The creator of The Wire was also optimistic this would be his year:

Next year is going to be Patton Oswalt’s and The Wire‘s year, we can feel it.