Kim Kardashian Posted A Seemingly Filter-Less Selfie From The Dentist (?) That’s Sparking… Quite A Discussion

It seems silly to think about a time before filters both ruled and destroyed our society, but about a decade ago, it was very normal to post a photo on Instagram in all its slightly fizzy, pixelated glory, without needing to throw on some sort of AI animal over your face. Of course, photoshop still existed, but you didn’t have to airbrush your face before posting online, probably because not a lot of people were on there to judge you. Now, if you do something and don’t post about it, did it really happen? This seems to be the case for the Kardashian clan and their army of small children who have continued their social media takeover into the 2020s.

Kim Kardashian recently posted a no-filter selfie which is just uncommon enough for her millions of Instagram followers to take notice and comment about it in herds.

The alleged filter-less pic probably has some sort of retouching, but it seems like Kardashian is trying to prove to everyone that she doesn’t edit every photo, just most of them. And she also got to show off just how casual she is getting her teeth cleaned, just like those normal non-rich folks. Stars! They are just like us. Those dental hygienists are seemingly wearing Yeezy’s, by the way.

Many of Kardashian’s followers praised her for the photo, which is seemingly the return of “the old Kim” who would post silly pictures of herself with those infamous grainy black borders circa 2012, before she made millions of dollars per post. The fans seem to celebrate the return to no-filter pics, with comments like “Nice to see Kim’s skin without makeup or a filter” and “Yes an unfiltered selfie!!!” and “I was just there!! Didn’t see her.” The comment section in a Kardashian Instagram post will introduce you to the most interesting people you will never meet in your life. One person did raise an interesting point, though…


Is this a sign that we are coming full circle? Is it finally time to view the world through the Valencia filter again? This might be the only way our nation can heal after. At least she’s not posting about crypto anymore.

(Via Glamour)