Lauren Boebert, Who’s Got An Arrest Record, Delivered Her Verdict On AOC’s Arrest And Received Some Swift Comeuppance

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert’s got quite the arrest record. Granted, these all involve misdemeanors, and she’s never served prison time, but there have been at least three arrests, two of which she’s described in heroic terms. Missed court dates and additional fines related to those arrests don’t exactly paint the portrait of a law-abiding lawmaker, but of course, Boebert was front and center with criticism when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was one of 17 lawmakers arrested on Tuesday for protesting (the overturning of Roe) in front of the Supreme Court.

There’s clearly bound to be no love lost between AOC and Boebert, who previously challenged the progressive socialist to meet and discuss the wave of mass shootings while Boebert also digs in her Second Amendment heels. Boebert’s also attacked The Squad, including Ilhan Omar, on numerous occasions, and Sarah Palin 2.0 couldn’t be more thrilled to see them arrested. “I hope Squad members arrested today are placed in a cell next to the J6 inmates,” Boebert tweeted.

Naturally, the reactions flew fast and furious. Not only did people come at Boebert with questions about her alleged involvement in plotting the insurrection (and Boebert characteristically avoided the subject), but this was a heck of an opportunity for reminders about Boebert’s own rap sheet. Her mug shot made several appearances in replies, and that included people wondering how she could pass judgment for “good trouble” as opposed to going HAM at a “Country Jam” and telling drunken detainees to flee the scene, along with being arrested in front of her kids over unpaid citations.

Meanwhile, Boebert recently tried to explain away her husband’s arrest for exposing his penis in a bowling alley. Gotta root and toot!